Fishing – A Sport

Welcome to Stick Em Rods

Stick EM Rods are one of the best and most high quality fishing rod manufacturers. We are proud of the manufacturing quality and we are excited to sell our products in the market. Just buy one of our fishing rods and you will realize the craftsmanship of the product. You will feel happy and proud to own a fishing rod of a company like ours.

We believe that fishing is a sport and we build fishing rods with this in mind. All angles are considered when we manufacture the rods to give our customers the best fishing experience they could have in their lifetime.

Stick’EM Rods was founded several years back and is located in the Bay Area of League City. Stick Em Rods believes in making the highest quality products and also offers great customer support. Our customers are highly satisfied customers and they are also repeat customers. As we told that once you begin to use our products there is no way you can step away from it. We are simply the best fishing rod makers in this area.

FAQ and Information

You might not know this but making a fishing rod is a tough task. The fishing rod has to be as light as possible so it is easier to hold and fish. Then the rods must have correct angles and it should also be able to hold heavy use or it will break easily. It will be difficult to explain all the details but think like this, we make use of graphite in our rods which are very light yet extremely hard, a perfect combination for fishing rods.

We finalize all the designs ourselves and do not use any other company to outsource the work. We believe in perfect finish and thus every rod goes through extensive checks at our factory before they are released in the market. This is just the way we do our work and we are proud and happy with the way we do our work.


Fishing is an easy sport and it is a lot of fun. It might seem boring at first when you fail at catching a fish but the excitement level simply increases when you are able to catch some fish and think when you catch a whole lot of fish, things may just go crazy. If you are still afraid of fishing then take a look at this video and see how even a kid can catch a fish.